MIU Orchestra

The MIU Orchestra is an intergenerational, mixed-ability, musical ensemble that writes its own music (MIU = Make It Up). We focus on encouraging amateur or new learners to join and there is an emphasis on improvisation as a means of composing. The orchestra aims to attract all age ranges and abilities and encourages family engagement (e.g. parents and children can participate together).

Join us for our first outing as the MIU Orchestra

* Watch the Video(s)

We’ve made different mixes to highlight different parts

* Select your part

Each part is written for mixed instruments so choose the part that works best for you and your instrument (or make up your own part!)

* Learn your part

Feel free to use the scores available on this website to do this – if you can’t find a suitable score for your part then contact phil@miuorchestra.co.uk and we’ll get one made especially for you and your instrument

* Film and record your part

Set up a phone or camera to record yourself. Play the video of your choice and record yourself playing along. Make sure to wear headphones to hear the video you are playing to and also to clap at the beginning in view of your camera (this helps us line everything up later on)

* Upload your video

Use the form on the Submit page on this website. If you have any problems please contact phil@miuorchestra.co.uk.